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Bootstrapping Debian (or derivatives) for a new architecture by Johannes Schauer

Le 20 septembre à 15h30, Johannes Schauer viendra présenter son travail sur "le Bootstrapping de Debian sur des nouvelles architectures" chez IRILL.

Bootstrapping Debian for a new architecture has so far been a manual task often involving months of work because neither cross compilation nor compilation of source packages with reduced dependencies is supported by Debian. Packages have to be cross compiled to provide a minimal native compilation environment. Packages have to be built with reduced dependencies to break build dependency cycles. Using multiarch, Debian will soon support cross compilers and buildprofiles will allow to build a source package with less build dependencies.

This project contains tools for three purposes:
Firstly, finding out which packages have to be cross compiled for a minimal system.
Secondly, which packages should be considered for reduced build dependencies or cross compilation by finding elementary circuits in the build dependency graph.
Thirdly, what is the final order in which packages have to be cross compiled, stage compiled or normally compiled to bootstrap all of Debian.

The talk will cover the developed techniques, the findings made and the open problems remaining.


Bachelor of Computer Science at Jacobs University Bremen, currently in Master studies. Bachelor Thesis about network flow trace analysis. Current research projects about approximate solutions for the 3D orthogonal knapsack problem and about integrating RPL and SNMP on contiki OS.