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IRILL hosts the next FusionForge meeting

The FusionForge project developers will gather on October 10th, 2012 for a meeting hosted on the premises of IRILL in Paris.

IRILL hosts the next FusionForge meetingFusionForge runs several key collaboration platforms (forges) used notably to host various Free Software development projects including Debian, Blender, OCaml and many others hosted by such entities as INRIA and Adullact.

The community of developers works online (using FusionForge) and usually coordinates through IRC meetings and mailing lists, but once in a while, physical meetings are necessary to discuss the overall progress of the projects, challenges and hack on technical problems.

FusionForge 5.2 should be released mid-september, and the meeting should happen in a good timing for the project to draft its future roadmap. Users and developers of other forge engines are welcome to attend and exchange ideas.

The last meeting occurred in 2010 in Paris, and the project will gather again in Paris at IRILL, on the eve of the Open World Forum.