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IRILL Days 2010: detailed program


Irill Days 2010

4,5 October 2010,

23 Avenue d'Italie - 5th floor

Paris, France 



Videos of the various talks are available.

Monday 4th October 2010


9h-9h30 Registration and breakfast

9h30-9h45 Welcome address


9h45-12h15 General session: Free and Open Source Software: challenges for research, economy, and education


9h45-10h15 Michael Tiemann, President, OSI and VP RedHat

10h15-10h30 Venkatesh Hariharan, RedHat

10h30-10h45 Coffee Break

10h45-11h15 Karsten Gerloff, President, FSFE Enlightening! Free Software research in context

11h15-11h45 Georg Greve, Kolab Systems, CEO; FSFE, Board Member: Free Software ant the Playing Field

11h45-12h15 Roberto Di Cosmo, Director, IRILL


12h15-14h00 Lunch break


14h00-16h00 Technical session: Early projects at IRILL

14h00-14h30 Mancoosi: managing your GNU/Linux installation, Stefano Zacchiroli

14h30-15h00 Coccinelle at the service of the Linux Kernel, Julia Lawall

15h00-15h30 Ocsigen: rethinking web programming , Vincent Balat

15h30-16h00 Coffee Break


16h00-17h00 Demo and speed dating session


End of day one


Tuesday 5th October 2010


9h-9h30 Registration and breakfast


9h30-12h15 Technical session: Emerging projects and technologies

 9h30-10h New Trends in Scilab, Claude Gomez

10h-10h30 Building an R&D ecosystem around GCC: what, why and how?, Albert Cohen

10h30-10h45 Coffee Break

10h45-11h25 Component-based programming with Fractal - models, tools and the FraSCAti platform , Philippe Merle

11h25-11h55 Dynamic web development, Stéphane Ducasse


11h55-12h20 Demo and speed dating session

12h20-14h00 Lunch break


14h00-16h30 Technical session: Industry and innovation

14h00-14h30 Hi-Lite: a Verification Toolkit for Unit Test and Unit Proof, Yannick Moy (Adacore)

14h30-15h00 Open Source Cloudware initative: towards a free, open cloud, Jean-Pierre Laisné (OW2)

15h00-15h30 Open data and the Data Publica Project, François Bancilhon

15h30-16h00 Coffee break and speed dating

16h00-16h30 DORM, the missing tool to persist your deliveries, Pierre Queinnec (Zenika)

16h30-17h00 A short survey of Real Time Linux technologies, Pierre Ficheux (OpenWide)


End of Irill Days.