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Debian Conference 13

Welcome Talk

by Giacomo Catenazzi, Gaudenz Steinlin, Raphaël Walther, Moray Allan, Holger Levsen, Didier Raboud
Duration: 00:24:53

Bits From The DPL

by Lucas Nussbaum
Duration: 00:45:03

Debian Cosmology

by Joey Hess
Duration: 00:47:18

Why Debian Should Or Should Not Make Systemd Th...

by Lennart Poettering, Kay Sievers
Duration: 00:51:31

Making Your Package Work With Systemd

by Michael Stapelberg
Duration: 00:44:13

Systemd Myths Debunked

by Michael Stapelberg
Duration: 00:39:31

Why Debian Needs Upstart

by James Hunt, Steve Langasek
Duration: 00:45:55

X Compositing For Free

by Keith Packard
Duration: 00:42:04


by Bdale Garbee
Duration: 00:47:51

Debian On Google Compute Engine

by David McWherter, Jimmy Kaplowitz
Duration: 00:37:06

Aws Debian

by James Bromberger
Duration: 00:44:52

Paths Into Debian

by Moray Allan
Duration: 00:46:19