IRILL - Research and Innovation on Free Software


Who we are

The goal of IRILL is to take over some of the significant challenges coming from the generalisation of Free and Open Source Software; for this, we want to attract some very special people to join it, and this page tries to give a rough idea of the identi-kit of an IRILL member. Researchers

A typical senior researcher at IRILL is a well established and recognised researcher, that has also participated, or followed actively the development of some free or open source software project, and that is ready now to bridge the gap between these two activities. Stepping back for a while from the code and software development, he identifies some significant issues in the evolution of that development, makes them the object of his research, and once some significant improvements come out, will make an effort to bring them to the attention of the developer community of the original project, ideally up to the point of having them adopted. This same criterion applies to whole projects or research teams joining IRILL.

In parallel with the research activity, we encourage activities oriented towards the development of new components of a Computer Science curriculum, specifically taking into account the availability, for use, contribution and study, of free and open source software.

Researchers, teachers, projects and team are hosted in the center for a limited amount of time.

Community developers

One of the center's foremost activity is the invitation of top notch free and open source developers to come and spend a limited time (typically ranging from two weeks to two months) in the center, to continue their regular activity in the center's rich environment, while interacting with the center's members, via a few seminars, or master classes. From this interaction, research and collaboration ideas will emerge, as well as significant contributions to the teaching materials.

Industry partners

Specific research and development projects carried on by industrial partners may be hosted for a short period in the center, with the same goal of fostering collaboration and innovation, transferring technology from research to industry, and seeding research with issues from the real world.

IRILL has been created by the following three French institutions

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