IRILL - Research and Innovation on Free Software


How we take decisions

The IRILL governance is made up of the following bodies and roles:

  • Board of Trustees (Collège des membres fondateurs): composed of representatives of the founding members, it oversees the operation of the IRILL, validates the members of the SAB and the SC, and appoints the Director

  • Scientific Advisory Board (Conseil Scientifique): evaluates the operation of the IRILL, gives suggestions on the lines of research and validates the choices of the projetcs and teams hosted in the Center

  • Director: heads the IRILL, taking all the decision necessay to ensure the mission of the IRILL is accomplished

In addition to these bodies, the IRILL has a Board of Partners (Collège des membres associés), open to the industries that want to be in tight contact with the work done at IRILL.