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Euro LLVM 2013

Optimization in LLVM - Numbers, A Case Study, a...

by Chandler Carruth - Google
Duration: 00:54:33

Towards OpenMP Support in LLVM

by Andrey Bokhanko & Alexey Bataev - Intel
Duration: 00:38:32

An experimental framework for Pragma Handling i...

by Simone Pellegrini - U Innsbruck
Duration: 00:41:29

How to implement an LLVM Assembler - a tutorial

by Simon Cook - Embecosm
Duration: 00:20:18

Dagger: decompilation to LLVM IR

by Ahmed Bougacha
Duration: 00:37:47

Performing Source-to-Source Transformations wit...

by Olaf Krzikalla - TU Dresden
Duration: 00:47:51

clang-format - Automatic formatting for C++

by Daniel Jasper - Google
Duration: 00:34:40

Run-time tracking of uninitialized data with Me...

by Evgeniy Stepanov - Google
Duration: 00:33:35

LLVM on IBM POWER processors: a progress report

by Ulrich Weigand - IBM
Duration: 00:41:01

The Clang AST - a tutorial

by Manuel Klimek - Google
Duration: 00:44:53

lld - Solving the Linking Performance Problem

by Michael Spencer - Sony Computer Entertainment America
Duration: 00:25:13