IRILL - Research and Innovation on Free Software
IRILL, Paris

La prochaine séance du [Séminaire IRILL] est le jeudi 22 octobre 2020 à 14h sur le campus Jussie (15-16 101)

Speaker: Chong Li (Huawei)

Title : MindSpore: Open-Source Highly Parallelism and Device-Edge-Cloud Collaborated Deep Learning Computing Framework

abstract :

MindSpore ( is a new open source deep learning training/inference framework that could be used for mobile, edge and cloud scenarios.

MindSpore is designed to provide development experience with friendly design and efficient execution for the data scientists and algorithmic engineers, native support for Ascend AI processor, and software hardware co-optimization.

At the meantime MindSpore as a global AI open source community, aims to further advance the development and enrichment of the AI software/hardware application ecosystem. MindSpore became open source since 28/03/2020, and available on both Gitee ( and GitHub (

On 25/09/2020 MindSpore 1.0 was officially announced in the Huawei Connect 2020 conference.