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Debian code of conduct Bof

"Debian code of conduct Bof"
by Wouter Verhelst,
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This BoF will attempt to build a draft Debian code of conduct. The Debian project doesn't currently have a generic code of conduct. The document that comes closest is the mailinglist code of conduct; but that document seems to have been written in a fairly ad-hoc manner, and isn't very well thought out; it also contains some fairly irrelevant points for a code of conduct. Moreover, it is a mailinglist code of conduct; and while mailinglists do indeed cover most of our communication within Debian, we do use other venues for which we should have a code of conduct.I have started a thread on -project to attempt to remedy the above issues, but during that thread it became clear that this effort would need more time than I had available at the time. Doing this during debconf therefore seems like the best way forward.