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Multiarch Workshop

"Multiarch Workshop"
by Wookey,
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Multiarch is progressing nicely according to the initial spec. This session is for anyone with questions about multiarch usage in their packages and to talk about remaining issues with the implementation (perl, libtool, apt) and firm up and additions to the spec needed for -dev packages and crossbuilding. This page lists issues for Multiarch that still need consideration and/or implementation. Please add things there that need discussion. Currently we have:  Multiarching Perl, and embeddable interpreters in general Multiarching libtool Should all arch:all packages be automatically treated as MA:foreign in build-deps? What info is missing for package maintainers - do they understand what they are doing? Are maintainers clear when triplet-<tool> binaries should be provided vs 'tool' binaries in tool:<arch>? A multiarch pre-BOF took place on Tuesday on the multiarching interpreters issue. Discussing this, and related solutions: