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Women In Debian 2013

"Women In Debian 2013"
by Patty Langasek, Miriam Ruiz,
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In June, 2005, Magni Onsøien performed a study about women in Debian and free software, analyzing the participation of people in several mailing lists.  She found that "both debian-level and the Debian Developers have about only half the expected amount of women if compared to these studies and other comparable projects". On the other side, she found many women participating in debian-women sub-project, showing that "there are in deed women interested in Debian, and it is possible to find them." She presented her results about "Women in Debian" in a talk with Erinn Clark at Debconf5. Since then, several actions have been taken in order to promote diversity in free software projects in general, and in Debian in particular. In addition to this, Debian, its derivatives, and many free software projects have gained popularity, along with the open source development model and tools. We can suppose that after all this, the participation of women in Debian has increased, and the gender imbalance is not so skewed now. We are going to repeat Magni Onsøien's study in order to confirm (or not) this supossition, presenting our results in a Debconf event.   The idea is to design a study similar as the one presented in Debconf5: I'm not sure if it is convenient a talk, lightning talk, BoF, discussion panel... and since I'm not attending the event, probably it's better to decide it with the actual speakers. Patty Langasek ( ) has offered her help about this (if she attends Debconf, depending on sponsorship: ).  If I find another speaker or when she confirms, this document will be updated. (UPDATE: Miriam Ruiz is co-presenter) The study is being written in a public repo: