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gitify your life

"gitify your life"
by Richard "RichiH" Hartmann,
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This talk gives an overview of git-based tools to manage all aspects of your digital life. Git is a distributed version control system which is used to manage the source code of the Linux Kernel, KDE, and more. While git was written to manage source code, it can do a lot more! From tracking personal notes to managing your website, wiki, and blog over tracking system and personal configuration files to managing videos, photos and other large files and making system backups, a lot of tools have been grown around the git ecosystem to help you support most tasks of your digital life. This talk will show you a lot of neat tools and tricks and it's highly likely that you will adopt at least one of the various solutions. The talk will end by showing a tool to manage your myriad of newly created git repositories; its configuration can, you guessed it, be maintained by git as well.