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Debian Release Team meeting at IRILL

Debian Release Team meeting at
IRILL{.image-inline .c4}IRILL is pursuing a rather ambitious goal: finding and establishing synergies among researchers, industries, and communities who share a common interest in Free Software. In doing so, IRILL does not want to miss chances to support FOSS communities with its resources, in order to give something back to the members of such communities who enthusiastically contribute to Free Software projects. IRILL believes that organizing community meetings is a sensible way to help Free Software and will start doing so since the very beginning of IRILL activities.

We are hereby happy to announce that IRILL will sponsor and host a Debian Release Team Meeting on October 2nd and 3rd, in its INRIA premises in Paris. The Debian Release Team is busy finalizing the next Debian release, codenamed Debian Squeeze. We are grateful for their work and for that of all members of the Debian community. If you are a Debian enthusiast as we are at IRILL, stay tuned on the usual Debian channels for more information about the meeting and on how to help the release of Debian Squeeze.

IRILL website now available

IRILL website now
available{.image-inline .c4}This summer has been a very active one for IRILL. Under the hood, preparation work for the forthcoming IRILL launch has been going on relentlessly. As the first visible milestone of such work, we are hereby proud to announce that the IRILL website is now available at

The website is still undergoing heavy editing, but it already contains important material such as the first projects that IRILL will host, information about IRILL founding members and partners, forthcoming events, etc.

Have a look and let us know what do you think!